Rimfaxe Web Server

The Rimfaxe Web Server (short name RWS) is a powerful Web Server with a servlet engine.

The Rimfaxe Web Server (short name RWS) is a powerful Web Server with a servlet engine. Made with simplicity, speed and scalability in mind, RWS has many unique features :

  • Runs from native code. The engine itself is compiled into native code for effiency and speed
  • Uses Nonblocking IO
  • Allows libraries in native code instead of jars
  • Caching of static content
  • Very small memory footprint, no java runtime needed
  • JSP pages compiles into native libraries for speed
  • Compiles web application into native code on startup

Based on the SEDA architecture.
The IO part of RWS is based on the SEDA architecture, developed by Matt Welsh. Read more about SEDA here :

JSP compiler and runtime.
The JSP compiler and the JSP runtime is based on Jasper from the Apache Tomcat project. It has been modified heavily to accomodate the requirements of RWS. Read more about Jasper here : http://jakarta.apache.org

Made for GNU/Linux.
RWS is designed with GNU/Linux in mind and takes advantage of this to produce the fastest Servlet Container available.
Porting to other unices might very well succeed, inquire for more info. The Win32 platform is not supported, and RWS will not compile on Win32.

Security and Simplicity.
RWS supports only the most important HTTP methods GET, HEAD and POST. This makes it simpler to protect from attacks.

RWS usage is documented at RWS docs.

RWS is open source and available for free download.

Download RWS here.

Important note
RWS requires GCC at version 3.3.x, and a 32bit linux distro. It can be convenient to run an Ubuntu 32bit distro inside VirtualBox.

Installation instructions for GCC 3.3.6 :

Download GCC 3.3.6 from http://gcc.gnu.org

Create work dir
$ mkdir gcc
$ cd gcc

Unpack GCC
$ tar xzf gcc-3.3.6.tar.gz

Create build dir
$ mkdir gcc-build
$ cd gcc-build

configure gcc
$ ../gcc-3.3.6/configure —prefix=/usr/local —enable-shared —enable-languages=c,c++,java —enable-threads=posix

Compile GCC
$ make bootstrap

Install GCC as root
$ sudo make install